Club Members get 30th Vintage Underway

We had some pretty special pickers for our first picking day for vintage 2019: club members!

After going through a foot bath and a short safety briefing (‘these snips are sharp, don’t cut any fingers off’) our enthusiastic team were into it, carefully placing chardonnay bunches in their picking lugs and commenting on their beauty.


It wasn’t a crack-of dawn start, so it wasn’t long until morning tea, modelled on the ‘casse-croute’ of French winery workers – bread, cheese, cured meat and a glass of white. In this case, a glass of The Silurian. After all, it’s best to be nourished and inspired by the wine you’re picking grapes for.


And our pickers were no slouches, so it was soon down to the winery, for an insight into the winemaking process, and to load the ‘lugs’ of picked grapes inter the reefer to be chilled overnight before processing the next day.

Lastly of course, pickers work up quite an appetite, so there was a generous lunch laid on in the winery. With a glass of wine of course.

Altogether it was a win-win day – we had our first batch of grapes picked and handled with the greatest of care, kicking off our 30th vintage. And for our club members, it was clearly an event everyone enjoyed. Promises were made that we would hold the same event next year!