YouthCare Canberra

In 2016 the Mount Majura Vineyard team came up with an idea to make a charity wine. We wanted to make a difference locally and repay in some small way the fantastic support we receive from everyone who enjoys our wines and helps us continue to do the work we love so much.

While every charity deserves support, we wanted to get behind one where our small contribution could make a big difference. YouthCare Canberra was the choice. We met with Zack, their first case worker who tirelessly works to improve the lives of young Canberrans who have found themselves homeless, escaping violence and abuse.

Later in 2016 we met Richie, Youth Care Canberra’s second case worker, doubling the impact the charity has on the lives of at risk young people in Canberra. Both Zack and Richie provide hope, guidance and counseling to the kids in their care for a few weeks or many months, whatever is necessary to help them get back on their feet and coping with life’s challenges.

Since the beginning of our partnership with Youth Care Canberra every member of the Mount Majura Vineyard team has been touched by their stories and the work they do. We are proud to be able to help in some small way and grateful to know there are people like Zack and Richie out there on the streets looking out for Canberra’s at risk youth.

Noted wine scribe Max Allen wrote about our charity wine in The Australian in September:

‘Nino is the name of a new wine from Mount Majura Vineyard in the Canberra district. It’s a 2016 pet nat — petillant naturel, naturally sparkling wine — made from the juice of pinot gris grapes, and it’s delicious: full of the flavour of white peaches and lemon pith, crisp, refreshing, clean-tasting and more-ish. It was made with no additions at all — wild yeast, no preservatives — and it finished fermentation in the bottle, which means the wine is cloudy, thanks to the presence of the yeast lees (Nino stands for “nothing in, nothing out”). This makes it more delicious, giving the wine a round, caressing texture on the tongue.

‘It’s one of the best locally produced pet nats I’ve tried, but that’s not the only reason it’s worth tracking down. Mount Majura is donating all the proceeds from the sale of the wine to YouthCARE Canberra, an outreach service for young people at risk — and at $25 a bottle with 180 sixpacks made, that’s a fair chunk of useful cash to be raised.’

So not only is NINO a great source of summer refreshment, it's a great feeling to know that you're making a difference at the same time.