Apart from an exceptional vineyard, there is one thing you need to make great wine: a committed group of people.

Frank van de Loo, Winemaker

Frank grew up in the Adelaide Hills, at the time that market gardens were being replaced with vineyards. He took no notice, studying agricultural science and going on to a research career in plant biology. Finally, in 1998 and living in Canberra, he twigged to the fascination and the challenge of growing and making wine. A couple of vintages working in Burgundy taught him the importance of terroir, and good bread.

Leo Quirk, Viticulturist

After many years as an extension viticulturist with NSW Agriculture, there's not much Leo doesn't know about vines, and there aren't many people you'll meet who don't tell you what an excellent bloke he is. Leo's role is central to all that we do -- his care and attention in the vineyard produces the fruit that drives our wine quality

Fergus McGhie, Sales & Marketing

Fergus wears out a lot of shoe leather selling our wine. Great at building relationships, he has a sharp wit, and an even sharper palate. Fergus has a background in restaurants, hospitality and wine retail and for many years reviewed wine for the Canberra Times.

Kate Hibberson, Cellar Door

For Kate, nothing is too much trouble (she helps run a restaurant in her spare time). She loves her regular days in the vineyard, organises events in her sleep, and knows so much about wine that her progress through the levels of WSET can best be described as meteoric. Kate inspires a friendly and helpful little team of cellar door assistants.

Monica Gray, Assistant Winemaker

Quietly competent, diligent and focused, Monica is Frank's right hand. Work in the winery progresses in a timely fashion even when Frank is bogged down with 'crap' at his desk -- winemaking involves care and attention, and it needs to come first. No compromise. Monica is studying Wine Science at Charles Sturt University and is doing a second 2016 vintage in Germany, as the Esther Knewitz Memorial Scholar.