2017 The Silurian

Celebrating the geology of our vineyard site, dating from the Silurian period, this fresh and zesty aperitif-style sparkling is one of our favourites to grow, to make and to drink. The 2017 vintage goes up a notch in complexity.

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Winemaker's Notes

The name refers to the geological age (ca. 430 million years) of the rock from which our soils are derived. The Silurian is made in the traditional method from the classic varieties, chardonnay and pinot noir. The cool to mild Canberra District climate, coupled with exacting viticulture, allows harvest of these varieties at relatively low sugar ripeness, high acidity, and the delicate fruit flavours required for this very elegant style of sparkling wine. Lees age prior to disgorging gives autolysis complexity, creamy texture and a very fine mousse.


The 2016-2017 growing season started with a wet winter and cool spring, resulting in later growth but strong canopies from all the moisture. The summer was particularly hot, with consistently high temperatures from late December to late February, but then switched into a perfect, mild autumn with sunny days, cool nights and little rain. Crops were larger than expected, accordingly taking longer to ripen, but having perfect conditions to do it in. In contrast to some recent years, ripening of different varieties was well spread apart, so that vintage was measured and controlled (leisurely would be going too far!). There are bright fresh flavours in the earlier varieties, with increasing depth, colour and detail in those ripening later.

Hand-picked 19-23 February 2017: Chardonnay (68%) and Pinot Noir (32%) at an average 9.6Bé and 12.8g/L titratable acidity. Fruit was chilled in the picking lugs prior to whole bunch pressing, and only modest juice yields taken. The base wine were fermented with neutral yeast and spent several months on yeast lees prior to blending and tirage in December 2017. Part (30%) was fermented and matured in older oak, including malolactic fermentation. First disgorging November 2018; stainless steel crown seal, dosage 9.1g/L. Alcohol 11.0% by volume. Vegan friendly?: No (fined with a milk product).

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