2019 Remi

A playfully different sweet wine made from the same grapes we use for our sparkling wine. Try it chilled as an aperitif, as a spritz, or maybe even with dessert.

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Winemaker's Notes


Another experimental wine, first made in 2019. A few years ago we were doing fortification trials with sparkling-base juice. We were immediately impressed with the liveliness of the combination of residual sweetness and the high natural acidity of the sparkling base. Finally in 2019 we’ve revisited those trials and created an unusual sweet wine from the pressings fraction of chardonnay grapes picked for our traditional method sparkling, The Silurian. The pressings contain phenolics that aren’t welcome in The Silurian, where delicacy is prime, but when combined with the sweetness of Remi, they contribute structure and texture. Of course the Champenois have been doing the same thing for years, but unlike them we allow partial fermentation before fortification, and keep the wine fresh by holding it only in stainless steel.


A very dry winter in 2018 meant that our vines needed irrigation before budburst to ensure good vine growth. The season was consistently very warm, with a very hot summer including five days over 40°C in January. Fortunately the heat abated before vintage, and the vintage period was mild and benign. Crop levels were higher than average in some white varieties, delaying the start of picking, but lower than average in the reds. Quality is very high in general, with the reds, especially Tempranillo, being particularly exciting.


Chardonnay, hand-picked 22 Feb and 2 Mar 2019 for sparkling base, was whole-bunch pressed to yield juice at only 9.6 Baumé. Wild fermentation was arrested after two days by fortification with an unmatured brandy spirit, selected for its array of fresh spice characters. The finished wine has 110 g/l residual sugar. Bottled July 2019, 184 dozen half-bottles made. Alcohol 14.5% by volume. Vegan friendly?: Yes.


Fresh, bright and very lifted aromatics of gingerbread, musk, aniseed, bergamot and sea-spray. Flavours are in a slightly more familiar spectrum of tangerine and ripe peach. The palate is refreshingly sweet, balanced by cleansing acidity. Try it chilled as an aperitif, but be playful and try it as a spritz or on ice.


Intended to be drunk young, but if you forget some in the cellar, tell us how it was!