Great Wines, Great Benefits

You might not be able to make it to Cellar door as often as you would like, but we can send you a regular box, freight-free and with a number of other benefits. It’s convenient and completely flexible. Skip an order, change packs, or cancel at any time, but you’ll probably find you don’t want to miss your next delivery!

Majura Monthly Pack

Each month we’ll choose three different bottles suited to the season, so you’ll discover our range and always have something new to try.

Majura Monthly Pack:

New Releases Pack

Never miss out on a new release! We’ll automatically send you our new releases. You’ll be able to choose six or twelve bottles.

New Releases Every Three months:


New Releases Every Six months:

Choose Your Own

You’re in charge! Receive wines based on your previous preferences, or change the mix to whatever you like. You’ll be able to choose six or twelve bottles.

Choose Your Own Every Three months:


Choose Your Own Every Six months:


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