2017 Riesling Released

Riesling is one of the most exciting varieties for a whole number of reasons, but one of them is that we can bottle and release it soon after vintage. A quick snapshot and first impression for you of how the season turned out. The vigour and freshness of the new vintage without any gloss or burnish from maturation.

So here is the 2017 Riesling, released in Cellar Door a week ago and already making many friends. We've tasted it in blind lineups once or twice, and we're struggling to suppress our excitement. Mind you, it will mature beautifully too (have a look at our vertical tasting notes).

Riesling has been a very successful variety for us over the last few years, with multiple gold medals and trophies, and some very lofty reviews. Our judgement is that the 2017 is one of the best yet, but of course we'll let you know what others think as the reviews come in. Meanwhile, don't be shy about getting some to try -- we're very confident you won't be disappointed!

2015 Shiraz Released

 Gold Medal six pack

Gold Medal six pack

Being one of our best varieties, from one of our best-ever vintages, the 2015 Shiraz was always going to be a wine worth waiting for. Rarely have we been able to release a wine with three gold medals already to its name, and yet this is a wine that is still to show its best. It would certainly be a worthy addition to the cellar. (Edit: the 2015 Shiraz has just won top gold in the 2015 Shiraz class at the National Wine Show).

 Win three of our best Shiraz selected from the museum collection

Win three of our best Shiraz selected from the museum collection

Not only has the Shiraz been successful: rarely have we had such a set of highly-awarded wines on release at the same time. With six of our range currently sporting one or more gold medals, not to mention a few trophies, the obvious thing was to put together a Gold Medal six-pack. This includes one bottle each of our 2016 Riesling, 2015 Chardonnay, 2015 Noble Pinot Gris, 2015 TSG, 2015 Shiraz and 2015 Tempranillo.

To make this even more appealing, if you buy this six-pack online before Christmas (or while stocks last) you'll go into the draw to win a three-pack of our best Shiraz vintages (2004, 2007, 2012) from our museum collection.

NINO is out there!

We're pretty proud of all our wines, but the feeling around here is that NINO is the best thing we've done all year. It was launched last week at YouthCARE Canberra's Rugby Dinner, with a good chunk of the stock selling on the night. Now it is available in Cellar Door and here, but even better, it is on the shelves at some of the best independent shops in Canberra: Ainslie Cellars, Jim Murphy Market Cellars and Jim Murphy Airport Cellars. And even better, these guys are all kindly buying it from us at full retail price, the same they sell it for, so 100% of the proceeds still go to YouthCARE Canberra!

According to Max Allen in The Australian (6/9/16):

Nino is the name of a new wine from Mount Majura Vineyard in the Canberra district. It’s a 2016 pet nat — petillant naturel, naturally sparkling wine — made from the juice of pinot gris grapes, and it’s delicious: full of the flavour of white peaches and lemon pith, crisp, refreshing, clean-tasting and more-ish. It was made with no additions at all — wild yeast, no preservatives — and it finished fermentation in the bottle, which means the wine is cloudy, thanks to the presence of the yeast lees (Nino stands for “nothing in, nothing out”). This makes it more delicious, giving the wine a round, caressing texture on the tongue.

It’s one of the best locally produced pet nats I’ve tried, but that’s not the only reason it’s worth tracking down. Mount Majura is donating all the proceeds from the sale of the wine to YouthCARE Canberra, an outreach service for young people at risk — and at $25 a bottle with 180 sixpacks made, that’s a fair chunk of useful cash to be raised.